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God Bless America

American Liberty Partnership

The Reason
a poem by Jodi Rice 9/15/2001

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We assumed it couldn't happen, that we were far above it all,
Confident and powerful, this country couldn't fall.
We had the best of everything, our bombs and tanks were armed,
No one here in America should worry about being harmed.

Smart men ran the country, made and changed the laws,
Everyone must be appeased, they didn't see the flaws.
Each person cannot be pleased, freedom has it's price,
The good of all must be honored. It isn't always nice.

The founders of this country led with prayer and an iron fist,
They knew that success came only with God at the top of the list.
Their laws were meant for everyone no exceptions would be made,
To enjoy the rights and freedoms offered, all dues must be paid.

In recent years our leaders wrote that God should go away,
They said His name offended some and so He could not stay.
Police were called as prayers were said. Our children were confused,
'In God We Trust' was no more, His name could not be used.

He didn't turn away from us for He is always there,
We shut the door and turned our heads His words we would not hear.
The country is in shambles now with a hue and cry for war,
Wouldn't it have been easier to simply open the door?

This country and it's history were built with God in mind,
For safety, health, success and peace to Him we all must bind.
In schools and work and play and homes God must come first,
The situation now is very bad but rest assured it could get worse.

In times of trouble we turn to Him and look to Him for aid,
When life is good and troubles few no thanks to Him are paid.
He is our Lord and is always there in good times and in bad,
That we often turn our hearts away must make Him truly sad.

This war that we are facing and attacks that have been wrought,
Are the fault of all who allowed that God be treated as naught.
Without God first in our hearts and homes we must listen for the bell,
It tolls the demise of all that is good and we will surely be in Hell.

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"They that would give up essential liberty
for a little temporary safety
deserve neither liberty nor safety."
-- Benjamin Franklin 1759

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